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  • This game by Gottlieb is a very challenging design. It was invented by Ed Krynski and artwork was drawn by Gordon Morrison. This game has 10 drop targets lined up the left side of the playfield. If one target is hit, one scores 500 points. If, however, you’re skillful enough to hit a blue and white target at the same time, 5,000 points are awarded. Completing the sequence 1-9 lights the special at the bottom left rollover as well as lights the drop targets to score a special if all the targets are dropped. The player had to be wary when trying to freeze the ball on the right flipper, as one could lose the ball up the right guide rail (which has an opening in it the size of a ball). This playfield design was used a few times by Gottlieb, as it was a successful design (games like Gottlieb 300, for example, a bowling themed game). Scoring games by core were another option.
  • This game scores as the #10 most desirable game of the ’70s. It came out in August, designed by Ed Krynski and Allen Edwell with artwork by Gordon Morrison. Backbox animation is included in the game. A giant thermometer advances when drop targets are hit and by rolling over the rollovers. If the thermometer is advanced to the top, the special lights on the eject hole. A, B, C and D rollovers, if hit, advances the thermometer 5 advances. If a player completes all the letters, he gets 5,000 points in the eject hole. A double bonus feature is present also. All in all, a very fast-paced game. Artists, as a general rule, didn’t help design playfields. They were given the game mechanically more or less completed and had to invent the graphics and theme on their own.
  • November marks the month of this game’s release. Design was one of Ed Krynski’s and art package was penned by Gordon Morison. This game had an add-a-ball version called Gold Strike as well as a re-released solid-state version. Gottlieb also duplicated this game design in Target Alpha (in the museum) and Canada Dry. 2,875 units were produced. If you like drop targets, this is your game. A battery of 10 drop targets are in the top of the playfield and a battery of 5 on the right mid-center. Four flippers are present for aiming at your foe. If you’re skillful enough to complete all the targets, a replay is awarded, 5,000 points are added, and a special lights up to score a replay if hit. If you drain your ball, the targets reset. An advancing light under the drop targets awards 5,000 points instead of the usual 500 points if you hit the drop target when it’s up and appropriately lit. Rollovers score 5,000 points when lit. Score awards replays also as well as matching.
  • This replay game came out in December of the year with a four-player replay version (Vulcan) being released two months prior. 970 units were produced. Ed Krynski designed the game with Gordon Morison taking the credit for artwork. Two sets of drop targets in the firing range of the flippers make for a lot of accurate target shooting. Lighting all four green drop targets lights the extra ball target. The bonus value is doubled by hitting the bank of five drop targets. Making one to five numbered sequence lights two rollovers for a special as well as increases the white drop target value to three bonus advances. The kickout hole awards from 1,000 to 5,000 points dependent on the number of green drop targets hit at that moment in time. All in all, a nicely balanced game. Bonus is awarded upon draining the ball also.