November marks the month of this game’s release. Design was one of Ed Krynski’s and art package was penned by Gordon Morison. This game had an add-a-ball version called Gold Strike as well as a re-released solid-state version. Gottlieb also duplicated this game design in Target Alpha (in the museum) and Canada Dry. 2,875 units were produced. If you like drop targets, this is your game. A battery of 10 drop targets are in the top of the playfield and a battery of 5 on the right mid-center. Four flippers are present for aiming at your foe. If you’re skillful enough to complete all the targets, a replay is awarded, 5,000 points are added, and a special lights up to score a replay if hit. If you drain your ball, the targets reset. An advancing light under the drop targets awards 5,000 points instead of the usual 500 points if you hit the drop target when it’s up and appropriately lit. Rollovers score 5,000 points when lit. Score awards replays also as well as matching.