12,716 of these Mark Ritchie-designed games were produced in wide-body format. This machine
has a lot of the action associated with the first three Indiana Jones adventures produced by
Lucas and Spielberg and is rated in the top 10 machines of the ‘90s. Four multiball modes
grace this machine as well as a ton of video clips designed by Brian Eddy. Twelve different
scenes from the movies are represented. Completing these scenes awards a six-ball multiball
sequence. A three-ball multiball sequence may be had by hitting the center drop targets and
popping a ball into the drop hole behind them. The path of adventure is lit by hitting the letters
in the word “adventure.” Doing so opens the path up the right ramp to the tilt-a-matic playfield
in the upper left. The object here is to use the flipper buttons to guide the ball to glory.