Palm Beach Travel Guide – What to see, where to eat and what to do

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From exquisite architecture to white sandy beaches, the town of Palm Beach is just waiting to be discovered. Check out our Palm Beach travel guide for top inspiration here…

Kid Stew Video

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Silverball Pinball Museum Delray Beach provides an experience for both gamers and art lovers alike! Check them out this weekend if you are in the Delray Beach, Florida area.

20 Short And Sweet Road Trips From Miami That Aren’t To Key West

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"This interactive museum will transport you back to the 1930s. The arcade has many pinball machines including Black Hole, Captain Fantastic, and Atlantis. You can pay an entrance fee of $25 and play all games [...]

Florida On A Tankful: Play decades-old arcade games at Silverball Museum

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DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- This spot in the sunny West Palm Beach area will transport you back to your childhood or another era entirely.

Vacation Destinations You’ll Be At By Lunch – Delray Beach Edition

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"If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, check out the Silverball Museum in downtown Delray. It’s a pinball and arcade game museum where you spend the day or night honing your skills."

Florida On A Tankful: Play decades-old arcade games at Silverball Museum

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"I was coming here so much, I actually had to get a job here," Steve Bobcat said.

Delta SKY Magazine

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South Florida Attractions

8 things you didn’t know about The Palm Beaches, Florida

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"Downtown Delray is hiding a vintage hotspot."

BPB Elites @ SilverBall Museum

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For our March Elite Event, members of The Elite Squad experienced a blast from the past at Silverball Museum. Guests took over the second floor of the venue and fueled up with incredible sips and [...]

Kotaro Suyama | Zazou Productions

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Japanese travel show episode, featuring the Silverball Museum.

FOX29 Deal

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Go to to see the Silverball Deal!

Hyeon Chung and Denis Shapovalov visit the Silverball Museum

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Hyeon Chung and Denis Shapovalov visit the Silverball Museum in Delray Beach, Florida to play some arcade games.

The Ten Best Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day 2018 in Miami

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“Miami pinball wizards will have to cross county lines to reach this classic pinball haven, but it's worth the trek. The multilevel Delray Beach attraction boasts 88 pinball machines, two dozen arcade games, skee ball, [...]

Coasting Along in America’s Sunshine State

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Beaches, wetlands, wildlife sanctuaries, spas and heavenly tearooms – the Palm Beaches in Southeast Florida have it all, as Gayle Ritchie discovers.

Atlantic Ave Magazine Article

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Marcel Gonzalez honored at Convention

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Palm Beach Island in Florida is the wealthiest postcode in the US

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"Artsy: In West Palm Beach, there are funky diners, cool cafes and huge street murals to behold."

Downtown Delray: where the Palm Beaches go to party

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"I have to admit that all my 20 years of running up and down I-95, I never really gave much of a thought to Delray Beach, wedged between its more famous sister cities of Palm [...]

A Look Inside Silverball Museum

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"In Delray Beach, there is a museum just off Atlantic Avenue that has curated an unusual collection."

Pinball Wizards have a home in Delray

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Forty years ago, a person could go into a serious quarter deficit in a place like the Silverball Museum in Delray Beach. With 88 pinball machines as well as two dozen arcade games, the attraction [...]

13 Fun Things to do with Toddlers in the Palm Beaches, FL

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"Pleasant surprises can benefit traveling families and a big toddler-friendly one happened in The Palm Beaches of Florida. TravelingMom’s new Guest Author expected mostly arts, culture and fine food, but also found abundant delights for [...]

A-lister Style Holiday

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"Here everybody can be a Pinball Wizard."

Miami Isn’t the Only Place to Visit in Florida

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"Kids young and old are well catered for along with hardcore gamers at the Silverball Museum and Arcade a short drive away in Delray Beach. Featuring more than 150 classic video games and pinball machines, [...]

Silverball gets mentioned in the UK

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FLORIDA is a popular destination for Britons, but what is there to do on holidays in the Sunshine State if you don’t want to visit Orlando Disney World?