Move a paddle back and forth at the bottom of the screen to rebound a ball back into a brick wall, knocking bricks out one by one. There are three separate games: double — same as Breakout, knock down bricks and when they are all gone a new wall forms cavity — two other balls are inside the wall, when they have an escape route you can hit them as well progressive — as the wall is destroyed, new bricks are added and the entire wall shifts down toward your paddle. The sound effects are just simple beeps. This video game is a typical late ’70s machine which has been reproduced in many variations as well as downloaded apps on smartphones today. No complicated rules here, which is why it was so popular in its glory days. You control the horizontal paddle at the bottom of the playfield and, through the use of the spin controller, try to prevent losing the “ball” below the paddle. By aiming at the bricks, you try to hit all of them and then “break through” to the next layer of bricks. This accomplishment is rewarded with a period of high scoring and ricocheting video bounces of the “ball” until it escapes the brick layer and comes into your paddle again. These brick layers then start to drop toward your paddle. By the way, the TV is black and white!