If you like “Happy Days” of TV fame, you’ll immediately notice “The Fonz” on the backglass. George Christian designed this machine and Paul Faris penned the artwork package. The machine was very popular in the early days of solid-state pinball. 20,230 games were made and most of them were played down to the wood subsurface under the artwork due to excessive play. The pool-themed game is set up so that players one and three’s goal is to score balls 1 to 7 and players two and four are after the 9 to 15 balls. Once completed, the eight-ball target lights. This machine has a built-in memory recall of each player’s efforts and the game continues on your next ball where you left off. Bonus awards are 3,000 points per ball lit with a holdover feature from your previous accomplishments. The right bonus lane advances the winnings by 2x, 3x, 5x , super bonus, extra balls and specials.