This wide-body mouthful of a game incorporates not one talking head (like in the game
“Funhouse”) but two…and they talk to each other during game play. Williams made around
six wide-body machines such as this so as to incorporate more real estate space for playfield
action and toys. They went by the moniker of the “Super Pin.” This machine was designed
by Pat Lawlor and inked by John Youssi. 6,259 were made. In a nutshell, the object of this
machine is to cross the US to achieve the ultimate jackpot round. Each time you hit Ted, the
day of the week advances in front of him. When you reach Friday, it’s payday. This starts the
three-ball multiball series. The jackpot is achieved when you shoot a ball into sleeping Ted’s
mouth! Much mayhem, a vibrating motor, two plunger shots, and a lot of characters pop up to
taunt you on your way across the country. Country singer Carlene Carter is the voice of Red.