10,350 of these machines made it through the doors of Bally in 1978. Designed by the great Jim Patla and art package by Kevin O’Conner, this early wide body machine is a perfect match for the pinball trade as well as this museum. Even though it was made prior to vocalization in pinball machines, the sounds of the machine draw one in to play its features. All the technology of the 70s is present here with drop targets, loop shots, advancing bonus features and a novel kick back kicker between the flippers which, once achieved, brings the ball back into play instead of draining. Completing the spelling of “Silverball Mania” advances the bonus features. If you complete this feat three times in a game, a built in carrier feature advances on the backglass and awards an operator-adjustable reward, classically three free games. A great playfield flow was designed into the game with two “back to the top” shots enticing players along.