This game was a breakthru game for Williams in January. It was designed by Steve Ritchie with art by Constantino Mitchell. Flash was the first game to have a continous background sound during play and the crescendo of the sound sped up as you advanced thru the game. This is also the first game to use “flash lamps”, which are higher voltage lights that really make a presence when they light. The first thing you notice on this non-speaking game is, when you shoot the ball from the plunger, the ball travels diagonally across the playfield and ends at the top of the playfield from left to right. The top rollovers consist of 4 numbers. If you hit 1-3, you get a double bonus; all four made gives a triple bonus. 19,505 games were made, a big production run. This game also has the advance bonus eject hole, drop targets, and, of course, the bright “flash” show when activated. This game was a main staple in arcades of the ’80s.