This April release was produced in a quantity of 4,550 units. Wayne Neyens designed the machine with Roy Parker doing the artwork. The art theme of the machine is Playboy bunnies as the Playboy Corporation opened a big Playboy club in the Chicago area in 1960 which was a real hit. The object of the game is to light the bumpers spelling out “Slick Chick.” It’s a tough game to master. Each time the sequence is completed, a rollover lights on the play field to score 10 points. If you can complete all five roll-overs, the center gobble hole lights to score a replay. Four roll-overs on the side of the play field numbered one to four also score a replay if hit in sequence. Score is your other goal toward replays. I remember playing this game at the arcades and it was very hard to achieve a winning combination. It is considered one of Wayne Neyens’ best games and one of his favorites in the annals of pinball design.