Machu Picchu Exhibition at Boca Raton Museum of Art



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World Premiere of Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru exhibit. Between the dates of October 16, 2021-March 6, 2022,  “Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru” is a rare exhibition kicking off its world tour here in South Florida and is a once in a lifetime experience for your group. The South Florida media is calling this exhibit the hottest group event of the season!


Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru
Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru transports you to the ancient kingdoms of Peru. Rivaled only by Ancient Egypt in longevity and by Rome in engineering, ancient Peru was home to powerful and sophisticated societies that flourished for 5,000 years on dramatically varied terrain that stretched from the fertile waters of the Pacific coast through rocky desert up into the cool plateau of the Andean highlands before tumbling down into the tropical Amazon Basin. Perched on a mountain ridge in a cloud forest high above the rainforest, Machu Picchu is an enduring symbol of the great Inca Empire brought to an abrupt and violent end by the Spanish Conquest of 1572. The exhibition takes you to this mysterious city in the sky, built and abandoned within a century, and takes you on a journey through the vast expanse of Andean history. Travel alongside the mythical hero Ai Apaec and discover the mysteries of Andean cosmology through a stunning selection of 200 funerary objects from royal tombs that include the spectacular royal burial garments of legendary Andean lords, one of the largest collections of Peruvian gold and silver ever to travel outside the country.

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Boca Raton Museum of Art - Machu Picchu