1981 Centaur

This beautiful piece of art was designed by Jim Patla with artwork by Paul Faris. 3,700 units
were designed and a reprise run of 1,550 games were made in 1983 due to its popularity. The
first thing one notices when walking up to this game is the color theme and the vibrant lighting.
Pressing either flipper button when the game is in attract mode gives you an instructional light
show on its features; the orb feature is the most exciting. Spelling out orbs by completing the
drop target sequence stores another potential ball into play if the release orbs target is hit. This
target has a magnet under it which holds the ball in position when the orbs are ejected. The
balls are ejected from under the playfield through a baseball machine pitcher-like mechanism
mounted upside down in the shooter lane. This mechanism was inspired by a Bally ‘50s game
called Balls A Poppin. The captive ball drop target sequence is another tough goal to accomplish.

Click plunger or press 'L' to play
Click buttons or press '<' and '>' for flippers
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