1981 Medusa

The rare game before you was concocted in September of the year with a production run
of 3,250 units. The design team of Wally Walsh and Kevin O’Conner were the architects
of the game. The fantasy theme of the machine is a reference to the mythical Medusa,
who could turn one into stone if looked upon. Zipper Flippers, a Bally invention, are
incorporated into the upper two playfield flippers. The closure of these flippers is time
based for great scoring potentials in the upper drop target banks. The lower flippers are
illuminated from underneath. The morphing illuminated arch bar above the upper drop
targets illuminates more intensely, alluding to a higher potential target bonus. The shield
of the gods bumper post between the flippers is activated by a separate flipper button.

Click plunger or press 'L' to play
Click buttons or press '<' and '>' for flippers
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