2003 Simpsons Pinball Party

This contemporary machine was designed by Keith Johnson and Joe Balcer. The art package was created by Matt Groening’s cartoon team and the voices inherent in the game are from the actors who play the characters on the show. This well-designed game is basically an extension of The Simpsons TV show with all characters accounted for. Opening the garage door allows you to try and lock three balls in the couch to start couch multiball and score a jackpot or super jackpot. The three drop targets on the bottom right must be hit, the ball dropped into the hole behind them…and then repeated once more to start the Itchy and Scratchy multiball. If you’re skillful enough to complete all the modes to the basic game, the spoiler modes kick in. One of these modes reverses the flipper buttons’ function. A very complicated game enhanced by Homer following the ball around the playfield; this game is busy.

Click plunger or press 'L' to play
Click buttons or press '<' and '>' for flippers
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