2005 Sopranos

This game is the pinball rendition of the hbo TV show, The Sopranos, complete with voices of most of the actors in the series. It was designed by George Gomez with the art package created by Kevin O’Conner. The main object of the machine is to advance through the ranks of the mob by advancing your status through playfield rollovers and cracking the safe. Doing so is difficult to achieve to top capo. A multiball feature is also incorporated into the game behind a solo drop target. Video modes must be achieved to complete the placard of events culminating in the completion of your missions. So many pop bumper hits light up the party at the bing in the upper right, which scores a bunch of points. Mastering this machine is tough, but that’s what brings you back to try again.

Click plunger or press 'L' to play
Click buttons or press '<' and '>' for flippers
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